Wednesday, 17 May 2017

British Infantry – test base

I found some time to work on my first base of British Infantry. The figure is Jacklex B7 British infantry running with separate rifle. The painting style is deliberately basic to facility speed of production but I still might give these lads a brown wash for a bit more realism.

Following my first ever game of Commands & Colours (click here) I’ve been thinking a lot about how I might develop my own Boer War rules using similar mechanisms. I could even be tempted to use hexes (there, I’ve said it) as I think this might give me just the sort of solo game I’m looking for.

My current idea is to have units of 6 figures (2 bases) for British infantry and a single base of 3 figures for the Boers. These units could represent anything from a company to a full battalion depending on the scale of the battle being fought. This has the advantage that I could refight some of the large scale battles of the war using less than 100 figures - surely even I could achieve that?.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Gordon Highlander

After the last post I couldn’t resist painting up this Jacklex marching highlander B16. As my reference I have of course used the illustration of a Gordon Highlander Private (1900) from my Blandford “Military Uniforms of the World”, the same source I used for the illustration in the previous post.

My thoughts on this project are slipping more and more towards Old School and as such I will be using this same figure to make up a full 24 figure unit at some point. I think I will probably be opting for simple plain green bases as well in a similar fashion to my Napoleonic forces.

I have kept the painting detail deliberately basic which is also in tune with the Old School theme and will enable me to build up my forces relatively quickly - once I can find some time to pick up a paint brush again that is.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Boer War Project

I was very lucky all through my school years to having some very inspiring history teachers. In junior school my teacher got us making a model of a Norman Keep out of balsa wood and papier-mâché, so much better than just looking at pictures in a book. He also read us stories from the Greek Myths, not history as such I suppose but those stories of Jason and Odysseus really grabbed my childhood imagination.

Later at Secondary School I had another great teacher who really brought everything to life from the royal progresses of Elizabeth I right through to the implementation of the Schlieffen Plan in 1914. I loved history lessons and I’m sure they were largely responsible for my continued interest in the subject right through to this day.

A few years back I discovered in my parent’s house a dusty project folder entitled “The Second Boer War”. It was quite impressive really with 35 pages all written in my own fair hand probably at about age 14 and this rediscovery became one of the motivating factors in my starting this blog. One of the pages contained this illustration of a Gordon Highlander from 1900 shamelessly copied from my Blandford uniform book but still possibly the best drawing I have ever done (click on the image to expand).

Saturday, 5 November 2016

1st Commando

Having said that I wouldn’t be mixing different manufacturers figures within the same unit I’ve gone ahead and done exactly that in my 1st Commando.

This unit is comprised of  5 x Newline Designs, 6 x Jacklex and one odd Raventhorpe Miniatures thrown in for good measure. To be honest I don’t think there’s actually that much difference between the figures once they’re based up. It would probably be much more noticeable if I did the same thing with the British.

Next I’ll be turning my attention to my first British battalion which will be a Jacklex one.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

I painted my wagon

Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood would be proud.

This is the completed Jacklex Voortrekker wagon BS1. Considering that this project is already a distraction this item has to be labelled a distraction within a distraction. That said, I really enjoyed the challenge of constructing, painting and basing this model.

Next I will be turning my attention to finishing off my first Boer commando which is already half painted so hopefully won’t take me too long.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Rebasing already

Here I go rebasing again! This is a group of 3 Jacklex Boers lurking near a Kopje no doubt waiting to give fire on some poor Tommy Atkins.

On discussion (with Roy) I’ve decided on a more traditional approach to basing my Boer War armies. A standard infantry base will be 60mm x 20mm and will hold 3 Boers or 4 British. Each unit will have one base split to allow for casualty removal and officers and commandants will be individually mounted on 20mm circular bases.

A Boer Commando will be 12 figures plus 1 commandant and British units will be 24 figures with 3 officers. I’m going a bit heavy on officers because my rules will have a strong rallying element for the British with officers trying to prevent their unit from getting pinned by Boer fire. I’ve got a half fleshed out set of rules now but more on that in another post.

Saturday, 1 October 2016


I received my first proper order from Jacklex a few days ago and I couldn’t resist adding in these 6 oxen to pull my Voortrekker wagon. They really are superb little models and I think the wagon will look great with these added to pull it over the veldt.

Also in the order were enough British figures in the running pose to make a full 24 figure unit and some more Boers to flesh out a commando or two. I’ve also taken delivery of a unit of firing British infantry from Raventhorpe so I have plenty of figures to get on with. Now I just need to find some painting time!